Travel With Ivan is now Travels With Ivan

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Readers, I’m excited to announce the new Travels With Ivan blog at

Thanks to your valuable feedback and readership, I’m improving the quality of my product to better serve you, including a dedicated, shorter domain and speedy self-hosting.

I’ve moved all my past posts and updated the links, so the transition is complete. Please continue reading there!





Can you recommend domain registrar and web hosting companies?

Hello TWI Readers!

Thank you for your response and encouragement the past couple of months. I’m glad that this blog has been very helpful to many of you and I want to increase my quality and level of service.

To start, I would like to provide a shorter domain name (easier on your fingers) and start self-hosting (in order to resolve some RSS-campaign issues and expand reach). You may have noticed that there are odd spaces in my subscription emails that seem to be related to the free RSS feed. Hopefully it can be resolved with a custom RSS-feed.

Please comment if you have recommendations on companies like 1&1 or bluehost, etc.

Thank you for your dedication and support. It will be my pleasure to continue helping you not only travel better, but achieve a new appreciation of the traveling process.