Credit Card Referral Strategy

Earlier this week, I was helping some extended family members get started on their mile/point strategy.

As an existing cardmember for many credit cards, I can send a personalized offer to people. When they use my link they get an offer that I’ve vetted, which is the best offer publicly available, and I get some bonus points for the referral.

The below is an example of the referral website from Chase.



You can use this strategy to earn extra points while helping out friends and family. For example, when my family members are approved for the Ink Plus (and complete the spending requirements), they will receive 60k bonus points and I will receive 10k bonus points. Different credit cards come with different referral offers, so enter your card member information into the appropriate page to find that out.

If you are interested in no annual fee cards, I recommend the Chase Freedom for its large bonus offer and rotating 5% cash back categories.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.55.06 PM.png

If you don’t have someone to refer you to the best offers available, please consider supporting this blog by asking me for a referral email in the comments section!



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